standard rules apply
This means no crossing IC and OOC under any circumstances. We all know how toxic this can be and how much we would like to take things known by the writer into the character but it is forbidden here at ~iconsobe as it is elsewhere. An extention of this rule extends between writers with multiple characters- just because one character you write knows something, it does not mean the others do as well. There will be absolutely no harassing of writers. Be nice and communicate in a fair manner with your fellow writers, keep in mind not everyone likes to go OOC so do not hold it against them.

realism is key
Realism is key. Your character's profession, money and age must be in some sort of sync. Please know what you are writing. All characters will be living in a real building in Miami Beach, Florida but we are bending the rules for owning condos there to three options: rental, lease to own & bought. Keep in mind the amount of rooms the condo your character stays in is up to you (1, 2 & 3 bedroom options) but be realistic about the need for space.

serious sls faq
If your character is to be pregnant, attempt suicide, get in an accident, get raped or anything that is considered "dark" the mods would like to be told ahead of time as to keep things comfortable for all writers and so that themes are not excessive or done in poor taste. With pregnancies, unless by an NPC or a sperm bank? Both writers must approve. We will not heavily moderate anything but some themes need to be moderated just for the sake of keeping things from being done in a small timeframe.

know your limits
The current limit is two (2), simply to try and focus on character development. If you play both male and female this can be changed but please be active. Each character has a total of 3 PB changes and only one per month. Also, if your characters are apart of a family you are not to play more than one member of the family.

write freely
Activity checks will happen the 4th Monday of every month, just so we can keep it active. Updates can vary in length but please be active sub-communities! The more interaction you have, the less we care about the length of your updates as long as everyone is having fun. Scenes are amazing -- we are encouraging all writers to engage in these. Photos/Media posts will be counted as extensions of your previous updates as long as there is text. Please do not plagiarize. The mods will pitch ideas at some point that as a community we will figure out what we want or don't want, that way everyone has a say for things such as prompts/group stuff.

make connections
The mods influence you to try new things all the time, so reaching out has to be done be it IC or OOC. Having an OOC post for people to ask you questions is one way, but we will not force you to have an AIM name -- however we may have a directory/button for them at a later date. As for other social media, we may integrate them at a later date but at this time we will refrain from using them unless we as a community vote them in.